Orkut Happy Ram Navami Scraps - 1

Ramnavami is dedicated to the memory of Lord Rama. It occurs on the ninth day (navami). In some parts of India, especially Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, public gatherings called satsangs are organized to commemorate the birth of Rama.

Orkut Funny Politician Scraps - 1

Believe it or not but the politicians are the biggest source of laughter in this country. Every body makes fun of them. But in a democratical war there is place for every thing, so why not have some fun on the cost of politicians.We are providing funny political leaders images. So have a look at your "favorite" politicians and share the smiles with your friends. These one's sure to make your friend smile.

Orkut April Fools Day Scraps - 2

Yippee! It's April Fools' Day! It is the the time when you can utilize your prankish spirit to the extreme. Play a prank, confuse people with your riddles and brain-teasers.

Comment Back Graphics - 1

Since its beginning in 1969, the Internet has grown from four host computer systems to tens of millions. And with this has grown are social network. Now we can keep in touch with those who live far away. But some time we need to remind them to comment us back.

Comment Bck Images Comments

Comment Bck Images Comments

Comment Bck Images Comments

Comment Bck Images Comments

Comment Bck Images Comments

Comment Bck Images Comments

Hug Comments - II

A hug delights and warms and charms, that must be why God gave us arms.

Hug Scraps - I

It is said "You can't wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug. Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words."

Saint Patrick's Day Glitter Graphics - 3

It became a feast day in the Roman Catholic Church due to the influence of the Waterford-born Franciscan scholar Luke Wadding in the early part of the 17th century, and is a holy day of obligation for Roman Catholics in Ireland.

Saint Patrick's Day Scraps - 2

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by the those of Irish descent and increasingly by non-Irish people (usually in NewZealand and North America). Celebrations are generally themed around all things Irish and, by association, the color green.

Saint Patrick's Day Comments - 1

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17. St. Patty's Day symbols include shamrocks, green beer, rainbows and leprechauns. So send the luck of the Irish with these great St. Paddy's Day comments and glitter graphics.

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