Alia Bhatt Biography

When Alia Bhatt made her debut with "Student of The Year" everyone was charmed by her cuteness but then there was general opnion that she is yet to learn acting. It is said her acting skills made her the heroine of the movie “Student of the Year” because more than 400 girls were rejected for the role.
Yet some critics went so far as to call her another star kid with little talent who might be just one film wonder.

But with "highway" she has proved her talent, honestly no one expected such extraordinary performance by 20-year-old actress.
Alia started her career in Bollywood at a tender age of just 17. That also reminds us of our Bengali beauty Rani Mukherjee who also started her career at 17.

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Though approached by a lot of directors and producers, she is patient and choosy about taking new work. She is focused and determined to climb to the pinnacle of success in due course of time, with the help of her patience, talent and beauty.

She ensures she drinks a lot of water and works out regularly. Alia is not the one who has always been thin, so she has to keep a regular check on her diet and fitness.

"My fitness routine consists of regular gymming combined with a bit of yoga. My personal trainer keeps a track of all my routines and eating habits,"
"Besides the usual body scrubs and massages, I drink a lot of water, take plenty of vitamins and go for a lot of hair treatments," Alia said.

Alia is the fortunate daughter of Mahesh Bhatt from his 2nd marriage to the actress and director Soni Razdan. Her parents were Hindus who converted to Islam to get married. According to her parents, Alia and her sister Shaheen were raised as atheists. She has a half sister Pooja Bhatt, and a half brother Rahul Bhatt. Actor Emraan Hashmi and director Mohit Suri are her cousins and producer Mukesh Bhatt is her uncle.

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  • Alia (born on 15 March 1993) is product of Jamnabai Narsee School.

  • She is a mama’s girl as she says that she is more close to her mother than her father.

  • She likes to eat French Fries and can eat it any time of the day.

  • She thinks Kareena Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan are the quintessential beauty icons of Bollywood while on the international front, her favourites are Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

  • She often likes to drink cold things rather hot things because she likes to taste colder brewarages.

  • She has hobbies like listening to music and partying.

  • Alia Bhatt likes to have fun with her friends and never miss any chance to go out with them.

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  • The five things that are always in Alia's handbag are kajal , lip balm, her current favourite Prada perfume, a hair brush and chewing gum.