Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan - Love Story

Shah Rukh and Gauri's love story is a typical Bollywood Love Story. It has all the spices, fights, tears, togetherness and true love.

Shah Rukh and Gauri met at a school friends party in 1984 where boys and girls were sitting in opposite directions and asked each other to dance. SRK saw Gauri dancing with a boy and for him it was love at first site. Shah Rukh wanted to dance with Gauri but she refused saying she was waiting for her boyfriend. Naturally SRK was heartbroken but then he came to know that she was actually waiting for her brother...
so he went to her and said "Mujhe bhi apna bhai bana lo" ;).

Gauri took a instant liking for charming SRK and their relationship continued to add a new chapter with every passing day, but it has it's ups and downs like any other teenage love story. The road to happiness was a thorny one as Shah Rukh was Muslim and Gauri, Hindu. On Gauri's birthday SRK came to attend the birthday party and introduced himself as Abhinav to make her parents feel he was a Hindu boy, now the couple blissfully remember it as silly and childish :).

King Khan was extremely possessive about his lady love and they fought frequently over it. He can’t stand Gauri wearing a bikni in a swimming pool. It became a Emotional Atyachaar for Gauri, she got fed up one day (Year 1989) and took off to Mumbai without telling him. Just a day ago he celebrated her birthday with so much enthusiasm and love, decorated him room the best way he could and giving her lots of presents. It was when Gauri had left for Mumbai then only Shahrukh released how much he loves her and he ended up telling everything to his mother who was supportive and gave him Rs 10,000, advised him to go to Mumbai and get his love back.
                    Shahrukh went there with his friends, and what followed sounds very filmy. SRK and his friends kept looking for her all over the city especially around the beaches as he knew her liking for them and tracked her down near a beach...
They fell into each other's arms and started crying, in what was to be the defining moment of their relationship, realized that they needed to be with each other for the rest of their lives. ♥
                                         Gauri's parents were hard to win over but neither Shah Rukh nor Gauri wanted to elope. At long last her parents gave their consent, and they tied the knot on October 25, 1991 in a typical Hindu marriage.

Now they are happily married for 2 decades and stood as an example for love, fidelity and mutual trust.

Shah Rukh on his side has never shed away declaring his love and passion for the only woman he is madly in love with “I am obsessed with my wife” – “She’s the only woman on this earth I love.”

Men, in or outside the industry, don’t go around proclaiming such obsessive and rebellious love for their wives. Even those, few or more, who do love their wives, normally don’t find it necessary to make a feverish display of their ardour but SRK always praised Gauri without any in-habitation.