Celebrate Lohri - 1

Lohri is more than a festival for Indians. Apart from celebrating this colorful festival with fun and joy, people love to give good wishes and blessings to their loved ones.

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May your success soar high like a kite; your sorrows burn in a bonfire; you experience a very sweet life like Reoris; and may God always protect you in a shell like peanuts! Happy Lohri!
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Ganne De Raas Ton Chinni Di Bori; Fer Bani Uston Mithi Mithi Reori; Ral Mil Sare Khaiya Til De Naal; Te Maniye Assi Khushiyan Bhari Lohri!
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Wishing you a very Happy Lohri and Makar Sakranti as well. May this harvest season bring you prosperity And help you to fly high like a kite Let us celebrate together.
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