Online Virtual Durga Puja

No matter where you or ur frendz are in the world, you (or they) can perform the Puja for Goddess Durga on this Navratri. Celebrate Navratri by offering online puja to Goddess Durga. Please Click on the Agarbatti, Tilak and flowers, after that click the Diya Arti and Move it around and finally ring the bell.

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♫♪ Perform Your Puja (Musical) ♫♪ Plz. Click On the Agarbatti, Tilak, Flowers, then Move Aarti & Ring the Bell
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Durga Puja Scraps

Musical Dandiya Greetings - 01

Dandiya Raas, along with Garba, is the featured dance of Navratri evenings in India. Garba is performed before Aarti as devotional performances in the honour of the Goddess, while Dandiya is performed after it, as a part of merriment. Men and women join in for Raas Dandiya, and also for the Garba.

Musical Dandiya Greetings - 02

Happy Gandhi jayanti

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti (Birthday) we are providing images of Mahatma gandhi.
Gandhiji was a major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement. He was the pioneer of Satyagraha—resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience, firmly founded upon ahimsa or total non-violence—which led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.
Click here 4 fun with Gandhiji

Click here 4 fun with Gandhiji

Celebrate Navratri - 01

Navratri/Durga Puja images comments for Orkut, friendster, hi5 etc.

Celebrate Navratri - 02

The festival of Navratri is celebrated for nine nights once every year during the beginning of October, although as the dates of the festival are determined according to the Hindu lunar calendar, the festival may be held for a day more or a day less.

Bangla Durga puja - 01

We are providing Durga Puja greetings/cards in Bangla. Durga Puja, the most happening festival of the Bengalis can be sensed with its spurt of fanfare on all the four days of the festival. This autumnal festival recalls the power of female Shakti symbolized by the Goddess Durga who slays asura to reestablish peace and sanctity on earth again.


Bangla Durga Puja - 02

Bengalis all over the world during these days of Durga Puja rejoice to their heart's content reconnecting with friends and relatives. Durga Puja is an occasion when the familiar sound of Dhak, Dhunuchi nachh,the mild fragrance of Shiuli, gives a familiar tug to every Bengali heart.


Bangla Durga Puja - 03

The traditional image of the Bengali Durga follows the iconographic injunctions of the Shastras. It is similar to the Durga of Aihole and of Mahabalipuram (seventh century). The tableau of Durga with her four children - Kartik, Ganesh, Saraswati and Lakshmi, representing respectively the Protector, the Initiator of the puja, Knowledge and the Provider - signifies the complete manifestation of the goddess.


Musical Happy Eid Mubarak Cards -1

♪♫ Here we are presenting The Musical Cards to Celebrate the Eid. Send these cards to ur frendz on 0rkut, hi5, friendster, Myspace etc. Play the music by pressing the (►) button.

Musical Happy Eid Mubarak Cards -2

Musical Goddess Durga Greetings -1

♪♫ Here we are presenting The Musical Cards For Goddess Durga. U can scrap these cards to ur frends on 0rkut, hi5, friendster, Myspace etc.If u wish to check the song or shloka with a particular card plz. press the (►) button to start it playing. But ur frends won't need to do anything, the music will start playing automatically in their scrapbook.

Musical Goddess Durga Greetings -2

♪♫ Here are some more finest musical images of Goddess Durga. Wish ur frends on 0rkut, hi5, friendster, Myspace etc a very happy Navratri with the musical greetings.

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