Keep In Touch Comments For Orkut, myspce

Keeping in touch with your loved ones can be hard with busy schedules and hectic lives.These keep in touch scraps make it easy for you to let your friends know you want to keep them close even when you can't tell them in person.So Keep in touch with your friends so that you don't miss out on the occasion that demands a shoulder.

Nice Day Comments For Orkut, myspace

We have all had days throughout our lives that hold special memories. It didn't matter what happened during that day, there was just no bringing you down.
Stop and remember those moments and make your friends remember those days by wishing them "Nice Day" with these beautiful images.Bring that smile to your friends face once again.

Nice Day Scraps For Orkut, myspace

Falling in love.Laughing so hard your face hurts.That special glance.Road trips with friends.Hearing your favorite song on the radio.Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.Chocolate milkshake. (or Strawberry)A bubble bath.These are few things that makes a great day.So use these graphics to remember those days.

I Am Bored - 01

Though Friedrich Nietzsche has said “Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?” But some time we all get bored, so what to do then? Here is the solution, send these images to your friends and let them know that how you feel,they might help you to come out of it.

I Am Bored - 02

Some people are so boring that they make you waste an entire day in five minutes.And every improvement in communication makes the bore more terrible.But as J.A. Spender has said
"We all denounce bores, but while we do so, let us remember that there is nobody who isn't a bore to somebody".

I Am Single - 01

Have you never had a girlfriend/boyfriend before. Never even thought you could get on with members of the opposite sex.And you have never had the wit for relationships to go further than friendships.Then these images/ graphics will help you get a boyfriend/ girlfriend by revealing your singlehood.

I Am Single- 02

Are you tired of being single.It seems like you are the only one who hasn't had a lot of good luck in their love life. it's great to be free and able to "look around," but don't you want someone to call your own, to settle on someone, to get a stable boyfriend/ girlfriend.So here we are providing cool images to help you get a "one".

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