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The seven day week is known to have been unbroken for almost two millennia. Every day of the week is related with some god of Old European mythology. Sunday meaning "Day of the Sun". Monday meaning "Day of the Moon". Tuesday meaning "Tyr's day." Tyr (in Old English, Tiw, Tew or Tiu) was a god of combat and heroic glory in Norse mythology and Germanic paganism. The name of the day is based on Latin Dies Martis, "Day of Mars" (the Roman war god). Wednesday meaning the day of the Germanic god Wodan, more commonly known as Odin, who was the highest god in Norse mythology. Thursday meaning the day of Thor, the god of thunder. Friday meaning the day of Frige, the goddess of beauty, Saturday: the only day of the week to retain its Roman origin in English, named after the Roman god Saturn
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Sunday Enjoy the weekend
Monday Images
Tuesday - start fighting
Wednesday is cool
Thursday - the weekend is not very far lets start planning for it
Friday - at last the last  working day
Saturday - I love weekends
Hello, How are you
Enjoy the Weekend