Support Donors Choose

A few days back Google launched a $20 Million competition to send a robotic mission to the moon [do not expect anything little from Google :-) ]. The Guardian reported that - " claim the prize, a team of researchers will need to send a rover to the moon, make it roam for a minimum of 500 meters and send video, images and data back to Earth, all before December 31 2012." This competition is being run in association with the X Prize Foundation. At that time I thought that if I could do something for the mission, but it seems that I still do not have that escape velocity of 11.2 km/s to go out in the space. The space have always attracted me and I am still quite jealous of "Laika" the FIRST earthling in more than 4 billion years of Earth's history to go up there before me - no matter I was not born till then, but humanity should have waited for me ;-) . Read more about it - here.

And now Google has once again come out some thing which can be accomplished by most of us. All they are asking is to support DonorsChoose. The DonorsChoose [as Google have introduced them in their blog] - "...[is] a site where teachers post needs they have for their classrooms, and donors fund those projects directly. If you’ve got a blog, a website, or even an email account, you can help by creating what’s called a challenge. Just pick some of your favorite projects and challenge your family, friends, and readers to fund them."
We agree with Google that this is a cool idea, and we should do something to help it succeed. If you are a US citizen please visit and create a challenge on DonorsChoose.

We can pollute the space letter- not only with the satellites, but with our ideas and thoughts [as we always do]. The real need of extending a helping hand is here..
Space missions can wait a little longer, but children's education can not.

For more details - read the post on Google's blog- click here.