Anonymous Orkut Surfing

Sometimes we like to visit other Orkut users' account anonymously, but if we configure this in Orkut (Home > Settings>>Privacy) it also prevent us to see who has visited our account, and this is something I don't like.So I created two accounts, one with "Show profile visit option selected" and the other one with "Hide profile visits". The first one is my genuine account where I have given every information correctly so my friends can find me through search etc. My second account lakes a lot of info.

So when I see that somebody unknown has visited my real account I just Right click on the user's link, copy the shortcut and paste it on Notepad, now I log out of my real acc. login to the fake account and paste the link on the address bar after pressing "Enter" you can visit the user anonymously.

One can use it to visit any account anonymously. We can search the user by name also and visit them through the fake acc., but most of us keep on changing the name which makes it quite difficult, besides I do not like to waste time in searching when other smart options are available.