We all have been student in our life. Student life (specially college) is said to be the most knowledgeable and enjoyable phase in the life of an individual, where he learns a lot about life and everything.

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It is the an extremely enjoyable time, when you make lots of friends, party throughout the night and lose yourself in the bliss that life offers.
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College life reflects the best years of our life, which once gone, will never ever come back. So, it is advisable to make the most of them.
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Miss You Brother

Being far away from the one you love is always tough. The longing can be paralyzing and there is not a day that goes by without you feeling . 'Miss You' graphics are portrayal of the state of your heart when your loved one is not near. " I miss you is all i can say, Each and every day."

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Miss You Sister

Many of us have some very fond memories of our brother and sisters. As youngsters they may seem like arch enemies at times, but as they grow older the ties that bind become as strong as the love between them. These images have some very insightful words that help explain the wonderful relationship between brothers and sisters.

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Buddha Purnima Blessings

One of the greatest spiritual teachers of mankind which Bharat has produced is undoubtedly, Buddha. Edwin Arnold has fittingly called him the "Light of Asia". Buddha's message has traveled far and wide and captured the hearts and minds of billions of people outside Bharat also.

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Funny Friendship - 1

Tease your friends with these funny images.

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